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English courses

See what English courses we offer for adults.

English courses

Why study English

Our English courses can help you:

  • learn to read and write

  • improve your writing and spelling

  • get a Functional Skills or GCSE qualification

  • increase your confidence in reading, writing and speaking English

  • progress to further training or employment.

Why study with us

  • Our English and maths courses are free. Find out if you’re eligible.

  • We assess your skill level to make sure you take the right course for you.

  • You can study at different times and locations across the borough.

  • Our classrooms have excellent resources and technology.

Our teachers are:

  • qualified specialist tutors of maths and English

  • experienced in teaching adults

  • committed to your progress and development.

How to enrol

  • Before you enrol, you need to come to a pre-course assessment.

  • Choose from one of the pre-course assessment dates below.

  • We will discuss your long-term goals, assess your skill level and recommend the right course.

What courses we offer

Pre-entry and Entry Levels 1–3

On these courses you will:

  • learn to read and write with other adults in our friendly classes

  • excel each term and progress to a higher level

  • work towards a Functional Skills qualification when you are ready.

Functional Skills Level 1

On this course you will:

  • perfect your communication skills

  • read and understand fiction and non-fiction texts

  • plan and write letters, email and stories using appropriate grammar and punctuation.

You will be assessed in the summer term 2019. This involves:

  • two externally marked exams

  • two group discussions

English Language GCSE

On this course you will:

  • read a range of non-fiction texts from the 20th and 21st centuries

  • develop skills to analyse, evaluate and compare non-fiction extracts

  • develop transactional writing skills for a variety of forms, purposes and audiences

  • use spelling, punctuation and grammar accurately.

Your assessments include:

  • a formal presentation to the class in spring term 2019

  • two externally marked exams in summer term 2019.