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Achilles Street Estate

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Lewisham Homes

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Alongside our housing company Lewisham Homes, we have been working with residents on the Achilles Street Estate to look at the best way to deliver new council-owned homes for social rent. This development will enhance the existing public, green spaces, and the spaces available for local businesses and community uses.

An estate ballot took place in 2019 in which 92% of eligible residents voted, with 73% of the voters in favour of the regeneration of the estate. As the plans for the area develop, we will continue to work collaboratively with the residents to help them shape their new homes. We aim for the community to be at the heart of these proposals at all times.

Based on the design work that has been completed so far, we estimate that around 450 homes in total will be built on the Achilles Street Estate. However, this figure will be confirmed during the due diligence and design process, both of which are being managed by Lewisham Homes. An architect will be appointed in consultation with the Resident Steering Group. 

We aim to increase the number of homes that will be Council-owned for social rents. A minimum of 50% of the total homes built will be affordable, and a minimum of 35% of the total homes built will be Council-owned homes for social rents. We will endeavour to increase the number of social-rented homes by as much as possible.

Phased development is anticipated to start on site from 2023-24

Achilles Street Estate

The Council is working in partnership Lewisham Homes to regenerate the Achilles Street estate. Once complete, the scheme will provide around 450 new homes.

As the Council is intending to demolish the properties on the Achilles Street estate in the next seven years, it has served an initial demolition notice (IDN) on all secure tenants in these phases, in order to suspend completion of Right to Buy (RTB) applications.

Download the Initial demolition notice (IDN).

Demolition Notices

Demolition notices are served under Government legislation that Councils are allowed to use if they intend to demolish properties within the next seven years. The initial demolition notice (IDN) does not prevent RTB claims being submitted but suspends the requirement for the Council to complete them.. After an IDN has been served, a Final Demolition Notice (FDN) may be served up to 2 years prior to the proposed date of demolition, after which the RTB cannot be exercised.

The IDNs are

  • published in a local paper
  • put on the Council’s website
  • hand delivered to all affected secure tenants

The notice must state:

  • which properties are being demolished, when and why 
  • the date that the notice ceases to be in force
  • that any RTB application cannot complete while the notice is in force
  • that compensation will be payable for reasonable expenditure incurred and how to claim it


If a tenant has already applied for their RTB, they may be entitled to compensation if they make a claim to the Council within 3 months of the IDN coming into effect. Compensation would be likely to cover reasonable legal and other relevant professional fees and must be accompanied by receipts. 

If the Council subsequently decides not to demolish properties affected by an IDN, we will serve a revocation notice.

For more information contact James Ringwood, Housing Delivery Manager, Strategic Housing Team, The London Borough of Lewisham, 4th Floor Laurence House, 1 Catford Road, Catford, London SE6 4RU.

Telephone: 0208 314 7944         

Email: james.ringwood@lewisham.gov.uk


Achilles Street, London SE14 6BD

Number of social homes

To be confirmed

Professional team

To be appointed in collaboration with the residents
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