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Home composting

Find out the benefits of composting and order a compost bin.

Why you should compost

Composting is good for your garden

  • Composting is a cheap way of improving the soil in your garden.
  • It returns nutrients to your soil, which are lost through mowing, pruning and picking flowers.
  • This makes your soil more fertile.
  • It provides a good environment for earthworms and insects.
  • It helps your plants to grow.

Composting is cheap

  • You can compost a lot of your food waste, instead of throwing it away.
  • You can use it instead of manure and fertilisers.

Find out more about the benefits of composting.

Order a compost bin

Compost bin specifications:

  • Height 90cm x diameter 74cm

  • 220 litres capacity

Buy a compost bin for £10



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