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Bins in Lewisham by property

Find out what type of waste collection you'll receive if you live in a house, a flat above a shop or on an estate.
Garden waste subscriptions

Subscribe or renew your subscription for the year April 2024 to March 2025. 

Residents can subscribe by paying the full amount, £93.50, by debit or credit card or by setting up a Direct Debit. Residents already subscribed will receive a sticker showing they are subscribed by 1 May 2024. 

Subscribe now to make the most of your subscription period from April to March.

Find out what days your bins are collected using our bin collection days tool. We collected general household rubbish every two weeks, and recycling, food waste and garden waste every week. Find out what you can put in each bin

Houses and flats in converted houses

If you live in a house, or a flat in a converted house, we'll provide:

  • a 180 litre black wheelie bin for rubbish
  • a 240L green wheelie bin for recycling
  • a 23L silver bin for food waste and a 5L silver kitchen caddy

You can also sign-up to our annual brown bin garden waste subscription service.

Make sure to label your bins with your household number. 

Flats above shops

If you live in a flat above a shop you will be issued orange sacks for general household waste and clear plastic sacks for recycling. They're delivered on a quarterly basis (usually in March, June, September, December). You can request additional sacks on our order a bin page.

Blocks of flats and estates

In your communal bin area you can find large blue rubbish bins and green recycling bins. Some bigger estates have more than one bin area.

Make sure you only use the rubbish bins for waste that can’t be recycled. Make sure you only use the rubbish bins for waste that can’t be recycled.

Looking after your bin area

Please do not leave any rubbish on the floor or on top of the bins. This can attract vermin, cause problems with collections and stop other people from using the bins.

Privately managed blocks

If you live in a privately managed block of flats, you'll need to ask your freeholder or managing agent where your bins are, or contact us to request communal rubbish and recycling bins.