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Assisted bin collections

We can take your bins out to the kerbside if you are unable to because of disability or ill health.
Delays to bin collections

Due to the SELCHP waste plant being closed, there may be delays to bin collections in the borough this week (w/c 25 September). We are continuing to collect bins on their usual collection day, but your bin may be collected at a later time than it usually is.

If your bin is not collected on its assigned day, we will return to collect it later in the week - you do not need to report a missed collection. Please leave it at the edge of your property ready for collection.

If you're unable to put your rubbish, recycling, food or garden waste bins at the boundary of your property on collection day because of frailty or because you're physically impaired, we can provide assisted collections.

We don't provide the service if someone else in your household is able to place or retrieve a wheelie bin from the boundary of your property. We may carry out check to make sure we only provide this service to residents who need it.

How to apply

We will need to know:

  • your address
  • why you require assisted collections
  • which containers you need assistance with
  • where the containers are - for example, next to the door (we can only collect bins that are easily accessible to our crews - we are unable to collect bins placed at the rear of a property)
  • that your bin is labelled with your house number - your house number must be clearly on your bins to help our crews to return the correct bins to the location that you specified

To arrange for an assisted waste collection you can call us on 020 8314 9303 or email envirocasework@lewisham.gov.uk.

It takes us 10 working days to arrange for assisted waste collections.