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What is Sugar Smart Lewisham?

Find out why we started the Sugar Smart Lewisham campaign and who is involved.

Sugar Smart is a national campaign headed by the food charity Sustain to tackle the issue that we consume too much sugar.

Background to the campaign

In 2016 we pioneered the national Sugar Smart campaign by becoming the first London borough to sign up.

We want to reduce the amount of sugar in our diets by raising awareness of the issues around consuming too much sugar and providing an environment in which it is easier to make a healthier and less sugary choice.

We are working with local businesses, schools, children’s centres, hospitals and other organisations to promote healthier, lower-sugar alternatives and to limit less healthy choices. Find out which organisations have already signed up.

You can help by joining the campaign and pledging to make some simple changes to what you provide for your customers, clients, patients and students to help people become ‘sugar smart’.

Our vision

To be a Sugar Smart borough, where our community is supported to make healthier, lower-sugar choices.

Our aim

To increase awareness of and reduce sugar consumption across all age groups and communities in the borough.