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Food justice action plan

In April 2023 we launched our food justice action plan with a range of local partners to combat food insecurity.

The plan

In the current cost of living crisis, food insecurity is one of the biggest challenges facing Lewisham residents. The number of people relying on foodbanks continues to rise, but emergency food providers are struggling to support some of the most vulnerable in the borough.

Our vision for Lewisham is that:

  • all Lewisham residents can enjoy reliable and fair access to food that is sufficiently nutritious, sustainable, culturally appropriate and affordable
  • all Lewisham residents have the knowledge, skills, resources and opportunity to grow, prepare, cook, eat and share food with their families and communities
  • all Lewisham stakeholders support collective action to end chronic hunger, promote food resilience and reduce the need for emergency food aid
  • all members of the Lewisham Food Justice Alliance and other key stakeholders have access to data to monitor the scale of the issue and to determine whether the actions taken are having a positive impact on residents

The food justice action plan identifies four priority areas where action will help achieve this vision:

  1. Take preventative action to reduce the risk of Lewisham residents experiencing food injustice.
  2. Ensure children and young people can access nutritious, sustainable and culturally appropriate food throughout the year.
  3. Co-ordinate resources, capacity and expertise to maximise the support available to those in crisis.
  4. Promote and develop “Money First” approaches, where appropriate, to crisis prevention and support.

You can read more about these priorities in the full food justice action plan.

Activity so far

In August 2023, we partnered with Lewisham Local to award nearly £90,000 to support community food projects in the borough.

Funded our Public Health team and funds raised through Lewisham Local’s Cost of Living Crisis Appeal, the grant addresses challenges facing food-giving projects such as:

  • increased demand from residents experiencing food insecurity
  • decreasing donations
  • increasing food prices

One of the organisations that received funds was Feed the Hill, which is a food bank and social supermarket in New Cross.

Food Justice Alliance

In October 2023, to mark London Challenge Poverty Week, Public Health Lewisham and Lewisham Local launched a new Food Justice Alliance to collaboratively support the delivery of Lewisham’s Food Justice Action Plan.

You can read more about the event on our blog post Lewisham Council - Launch of the Lewisham Food Justice Alliance.

Get involved

Our food justice action plan is ambitious, which is why we want to work with organisations, community groups and anyone who has an interest in or can support this important work.

  • if you are part of an organisation or service who is working to achieve food justice in Lewisham and would like to join an alliance of partners who are working together to help deliver actions from the plan, we would love to hear from you. Contact foodjusticeactionplan@lewisham.gov.uk to get in touch
  • if you are a local resident passionate about food justice and transforming the world of food in Lewisham, join the Good Food Lewisham network
  • if you would like to volunteer with a local food justice organisation, please see Lewisham Local’s directory: Volunteer with a local food bank or project

How you can support Lewisham’s Food Justice Action Plan

Everyone who lives, works or learns in Lewisham can commit to tackle food injustice in the borough.

Our food justice action plan is ambitious, which is why we want to work with organisations, community groups and anyone who has an interest in or can support this important work. See below for the many ways you can support the Food Justice Action Plan.

Residents and communities can:
Businesses can:
Lewisham-based organisations including public sector, third sector and community organisations can:
Schools and early years services can:

Useful resources

If you or someone you know needs financial support and advice, please visit our cost of living webpage for more information.

Lewisham Local also has a specific community meals and food page.

Get in touch with our Food Justice Team using the email below.

Or you can contact Lewisham Local 

Email: goodfood@lewishamlocal.com

Phone: 0208 488 9224

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