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Eligibility criteria for adult social care

We consider several factors when deciding if you are eligible for adult social care support.
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We will consider your ability to:

  • have a wash and launder your clothes

  • get yourself dressed and wear clean, weather-appropriate clothes

  • use your home and keep safe at home

  • have personal and family relationships

  • access and engage in work, education and volunteering

  • use community facilities.

We will also look at your parenting and caring responsibilities.

To be eligible for social care support the above must have a significant impact on your ability to maintain wellbeing.

What is wellbeing?

Your wellbeing is central to how we support you. When assessing your wellbeing we look at:

  • personal dignity

  • physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing

  • protection from abuse and neglect

  • control over day-to-day life

  • participation in work, education, training and recreation

  • social and economic wellbeing

  • domestic, family and personal relationships

  • suitability of your home

  • your contribution to society.

Think you might be eligible?

  • If you think you might be eligible for adult social care support from us, first look at our adult social care webpages. You may be able to resolve your issue without needing a full-scale assessment from us.
  • If you have looked at our webpages and still cannot resolve your issue, you can fill in an online wellbeing self-assessment.
  • At the end of the form we will tell you whether or not you’re likely to be eligible for support from us. Then you can decide whether or not to carry on and request a full assessment.