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Kitbag accessible activities in the community

Kitbag provides options for activities using the direct payment that you have been awarded.
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What is Kitbag

More information about Kitbag activities and how you can get one.

Kitbag Animals and Care

More information on the Kitbag Animals and Care activities available.

Kitbag Arts and Crafts

More information about Kitbag Arts and Crafts activities.

Kitbag Baking and Cookery Skills

More information about Kitbag Baking and Cookery Skills activities.

Kitbag Digital Skills

More information about Kitbag Digital Skills activities.

Kitbag Education

More information on Kitbag Education opportunities.

Kitbag Employment, Internships and Apprenticeships

More information about Kitbag Education and Employment.

Kitbag Gardening and Community

More information about Kitbag Gardening and Community activities.

Kitbag Out and About

More information about Kitbag Out and About activities

Kitbag Sports

There are a range of different Kitbag Sports activities available, including sailing and table tennis.

Kitbag Staying Healthy

More about activities that will help you stay healthy, with Kitbag Staying Healthy.