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Community infrastructure levy

Find out about the community infrastructure levy.

We collect two types of Community Infrastructure Levy: Mayoral CIL (MCIL) and Lewisham Borough CIL (BCIL).

Mayoral CIL is collected by all local planning authorities on behalf of the Mayor of London. It is charged in accordance with a Charging Schedule and the money raised currently contributes towards Crossrail.

Borough CIL is a charge collected from new developments. It funds facilities such as:

  • roads and transport
  • education
  • medical
  • sport, recreation and open spaces

Borough CIL applies to all proposals which add 100 square metres of new floorspace or an extra dwelling. This includes bringing vacant buildings back into use.

The amount to pay is the increase in floorspace (square metres) multiplied by the rate in the Borough CIL charging schedule which is below (link to full schedule at bottom of page).

Lewisham CIL rates

Geographical Zone

Use Class C3

Use Class B

All Other Uses

Zone 1

£100 per square metre

£0 per square metre

£80 per square metre

Zone 2

£70 per square metre

£0 per square metre

£80 per square metre

Use class is that set out in The Town and Country Planning (use classes) Order 1987 as amended.

CIL timeline

  • August 2013: we submitted our community infrastructure levy (CIL) draft charging schedule to the planning inspectorate.
  • 15 October 2013: the examination in public (EiP) took place. See the relevant documents and the inspector’s final report below.
  • 25 February 2015: our CIL charging schedule and CIL infrastructure list (123 list) and installments policy were adopted.
  • 1 April 2015: from this date, the CIL has been levied on all liable new developments granted in the borough. This is in addition to the mayor of London’s CIL which we have been collecting since 1 April 2012.
  • In 2018, we undertook a consultation exercise as the first stage in the review of our CIL charging schedule. We decided to pause this review to align it with the review of the Local Plan. This will ensure that there is a comprehensive approach to planning and investment in the borough.

Section 106 agreements

We continue to use section 106 (S106) agreements alongside CIL to address site-specific issues identified during the planning process. Our approach to planning obligations and how they will work alongside CIL is set out in our adopted planning obligations supplementary planning document. 

CIL and s106 payments

When making a payment the relevant form (called a remittance advice) MUST be submitted at the time of payment. The forms enable us to identify payments made and one form must be submitted for each payment made. 

The remittance advice must be completed in full and emailed to cil@lewisham.gov.uk and remittance@Lewisham.gov.ukThis must be done on the day the payment is made.

Infrastructure Funding Statement

The council are now required to produce an annual Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS) setting out key information on the collection and use of S106 and CIL. 

Infrastructure Funding Statement 2022-2023 

Infrastructure Funding Statement 2021-2022

Infrastructure Funding Statement 2020-2021

Infrastructure Funding Statement 2019-2020

In previous years, information on s106 and CIL has been published in the Authority Monitoring Report

If you require further assistance please contact CIL@lewisham.gov.uk.

Information enquiries

All Personal Search Member CIL Searches must now be sent to the land charges inbox at land.charges@lewisham.gov.uk

There is no charge for the EIR CIL data requests. 

All searches will booked for a response around 20 days from the date of receipt, this is due to the number of searches which are received.

If you wish to receive the search before this time then there is a charge of £12.50 (£15.00 including VAT) and you have to complete the form found on this page and email it to land.charges@lewisham.gov.uk, when the service is paid for we will respond within 2 working days of receipt to collect payment.

All other enquiries

We will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible but this is likely to take at least 15 working days given the number of enquiries that we receive.

Enquiries regarding obligations

£52.50 (£63.00 including VAT) - Per obligation.

Please use the CIL/Section 106 request form

S106s/decision notices

We do not charge for s106s or decision notices as they can be found by using our planning applications search.

S106s - Occasionally these are not online; if you cannot find a s106 agreement please email CIL@lewisham.gov.uk using the form below.

If you cannot find a decision notice, email planning@lewisham.gov.uk.