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Accommodating the Bakerloo line extension (Direction of Travel document)

Information for developers about our support for the Bakerloo line extension and our intentions for growth opportunities in the borough.
Changes to the Scheme of Delegation

On 29 March 2023, members agreed changes to the Council’s constitution and scheme of delegation.

The new scheme will be applied to applications with a Statutory Start Date of 30 March 2023 or later.  The changes are:

  • 10 or more objections will be required to trigger a planning committee meeting 
  • A scheme with an amenity society objection will be referred to a Chairs’ Review meeting

The document does not set out any new policies, but it:

  • confirms that we have an established approach to growth and aspire to optimise this growth with the necessary, supporting infrastructure

  • sets out our aspiration to capture the enhanced development opportunities associated with the delivery of the Bakerloo line extension and to make sure these are managed and coordinated

  • confirms our commitment to plan for the arrival of the Bakerloo line extension

  • sets the standard and promotes high quality in all new developments

  • confirms our commitment to delivering genuinely affordable housing which addresses the borough’s housing need

  • demonstrates how we reflect the recently published draft London Plan and key London Plan documents (namely the draft Transport Strategy June 2017, Good Growth by Design programme (launched July 2017) and the Affordable Housing and Viability SPD August 2017) at a local level.

If you are interested in developing in the Lewisham borough, you can also find advice and information in the document.

We have produced this document in advance of our new Local Plan, which we are currently preparing evidence for. We intend to produce a Regulation 18 document for consultation in late 2018.