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Authority monitoring report

See reports that show if we are meeting objectives and key dates published for the production of Local Development Framework documents.
Changes to the Scheme of Delegation

On 29 March 2023, members agreed changes to the Council’s constitution and scheme of delegation.

The new scheme will be applied to applications with a Statutory Start Date of 30 March 2023 or later.  The changes are:

  • 10 or more objections will be required to trigger a planning committee meeting 
  • A scheme with an amenity society objection will be referred to a Chairs’ Review meeting

The AMR showcases the work carried out by the Planning Service in the London Borough of Lewisham.  It sets out key information about the operation and performance of the Planning Service and assesses the extent to which the Council’s planning policies are being implemented.  It also highlights the wide range of projects that the Planning Service are involved in and the collaborative work being carried out with other Council teams and partners. 

By describing the type, quantum and location of development that has been completed and/or approved between 1st April and 31st March, it provides a picture of how Lewisham is changing and demonstrates how development and growth can help to contribute positively to the physical environment and improve the quality of life for the borough’s residents.

AMRs are governed by the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012, which states Councils must make any up-to-date monitoring information available as soon as possible after the information becomes available and that this should be published on the Council’s website. 

The Council seeks to publish the AMR each year, usually in December/January, so that an insight into the work and achievements of the Planning Service within the preceding monitoring year (April to March) can be shared with the local community.

The AMRs are listed below, with the most recently published one located at the top of the list.

Housing delivery test action plan

In 2018 the NPPF introduced the housing delivery test (HDT) as a new way to measure housing delivery. It measures the amount of housing completed against the number of homes that are required for an area, over the preceding three years. The Government publishes the results on an annual basis (usually January - February). Local authorities are required to prepare an action plan each year where they deliver below the 95 percent threshold. 

The action plan seeks to understand housing delivery at the local level by looking at past delivery as well as the future supply of housing and considers reasons for under-delivery. The action plan also explores a range of activities that have already been implemented in the future, to minimise the risk of under-delivery and boost housing delivery within the borough of Lewisham