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Your adult education journey

A step-by-step guide to your adult education journey.

Enrolment for 2024/25 autumn term courses will open on Friday 5 July from 10am. 

See how to enrol.

  1. Choose a course

  2. View all of our adult education courses.

  3. Get assessed

  4. If you want to do a course that leads to a qualification or you need extra support, we will invite you to a pre-course assessment. Your level will be assessed and we will advise you on next steps.
  5. Get support

  6.  You may qualify for a concession on some courses. For certain courses, we may be able to offer extra support with English or ICT skills. Your tutor will be able to give you more information on the additional support available.
  7. Start your course

  8.  At your first lesson, you will be given information about how we can support and advise you. You will also be shown how to access ALL Moodle, our online learning portal.
  9. Plan your goals

  10.  Your tutor will work with you to develop your learning plan, think about what you want to achieve, and what your next steps might be.
    Further one-to-one support will be available if needed.
  11. Get involved

  12. We have learner forums every term where members of the Senior Management Team make themselves available to listen and respond to your concerns.
    You can email us at any time at adultlearning@lewisham.gov.uk.
  13. Move into work

  14. If you are seeking work, you can enrol on a free six-week course to help with your job search. Email adultlearning@lewisham.gov.uk or phone our enquiries line 020 8314 3300.
  15. Celebrate

  16. There will be opportunities to celebrate achievement and success with your fellow learners. You will also have opportunities to showcase the work you have produced.
  17. What next?

  18. Your tutor will give you advice on appropriate next steps when working on your learning plan and at the end of the course. We may recommend another course with us or signpost you to another provider.
  19. Share your success

  20. We will contact you a few months after your course has finished to see how you are getting on.
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