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Adult education working in partnership

Adult Learning Lewisham works in partnership with schools, children’s centres, libraries and community and voluntary sector organisations to deliver adult education and skills to meet local needs.

Enrolment for 2023/24 summer term courses will commence on Monday 19 February at 10am.

  •  find out how to enrol
  • If you start enrolling but don't complete the process, go to ebs: ontrack, log in and look under ‘Next steps’ to resume your enrolment and make the payment.

    We work with partner organisations to provide a wide range of family learning courses, offer employment skills training, develop literacy, numeracy and language programmes and provide activities for older people. If you are involved with an organisation that works at a local level we may be able to help you fulfil a local education need.

    We work with employers to provide training and education for their staff. Our service is based on employer requirements and is flexible, affordable and effective. Employers can access training in areas such as Childcare, English and maths. We can also develop provision that meets a specific educational need.  

    For more information please email adultlearning@lewisham.gov.uk

    We work in partnership with fellow education and skills providers in the borough to promote the benefits of adult learning and to offer progression to our learners.

    Other sites that may be of interest are: