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Rubbish and recycling

Find out your collection day, where to take your old appliances and what to do with your garden waste.

A to Z of recycling

An A to Z to help you dispose of an item safely and sustainably.

Cleaner Lewisham

Find out how you can reduce fly-tipping in the borough and help create a Cleaner Lewisham.

How to recycle your plastics

Find out more about different types of plastic, how they can be recycled and what they’re recycled into.

Waste, recycling and the climate emergency

An explanation of the link between waste and the climate emergency, as well as a guide to reduce your impact and what we are doing to reduce waste.

What can and can't go in your rubbish bin

Find out what can and can't go in your rubbish bin, and how you can safely and responsibly dispose of items you can’t put in your bin.

Reuse and Recycling Centre in Landmann Way

Information about the Reuse and Recycling Centre on Landmann Way in New Cross, including who can use the centre, how to book, when it is open and what you can recycle.

Your bins

Find out about your rubbish and recycling service, order a new bin, report a problem with your bin, or find your collection day.

Large items

Find out how to get ride of large items, such as fridges and mattresses.

What you can recycle

​Find out what you can recycle and where to recycle things that can’t go in your recycling bin.

Garden waste collection service

You can get regular garden waste collections from your kerbside.

Clinical, hazardous and business waste

How to dispose of clinical and hazardous waste, and how we deal with business waste and recycling in the borough.

Where your rubbish and recycling goes

Find out what happens to your rubbish and recycling after it is collected.

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