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Becoming a dementia-friendly community

See how we are working to become more dementia friendly.

Dementia-friendly community

In Lewisham, we are working towards becoming a dementia-friendly community, this means we want to build communities and resources where we help people with dementia.

The Lewisham Action Dementia Alliance is a group of organisations that work together across the borough to make the lives of people with dementia better. They want to empower people with dementia to:

  • have good wellbeing
  • take part in a life, society and a home environment that is meaningful.

This can only happen if individuals, organisations and systems are informed, supportive and active about dementia. 

Dementia Pledge

The aims of the Dementia Pledge are to:

  • ensure that people who deliver adult social care services fully understand and meet the needs of the person with dementia and their families

  • ensure commissioners are committed to commission for quality, and only commission services from providers who demonstrate their workforce understand the needs of people with dementia and are committed to providing excellent dementia care

  • increase public awareness of excellent dementia care and make them intolerant of anything less.

The four principles of the Dementia Pledge:

  • Know the person who is living with dementia.

  • Quality care, quality life.

  • Everybody has a leadership role.

  • Value focused care.

 Get more information about dementia from the Alzheimer Society.

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