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Help in your home

​If you need extra help with day-to-day living, so that you can stay at home and live independently, there are different services that can help.
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Equipment to help you live at home independently

​Find out what equipment is available, where to get it from and what you should think about when buying community equipment.

Changes to your home (adaptations)

If you’re eligible you can get changes to your home to help you live independently. These changes are called adaptations.

Help with meals and shopping

If you need help with preparing yourself a meal, explore these options.

Eating and drinking

​Find out what to do if you need help with eating and drinking.

Community alarm system (Linkline Telecare)

Linkline Telecare is a 24-hour alarm system that you can use in an emergency to call for help.

Homecare services

Homecare services can help you live independently at home through offering support including help with personal care, taking your medication, shopping, laundry and housework.

Preventing falls

Find out how to reduce your risk of falling and be safer at home.

Using the toilet

Find out what help is available if you cannot use the toilet independently at home.