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Brookmill Road conservation area

Information about the Brookmill Road conservation area

Brookmill Road Conservation Area was designated in 1972. The area was developed as a later part of Deptford New Town on land owned and controlled by Jonathan Lucas between the 1850s and 1870s.

The character of the area is made up of modest two-storey houses. These are usually grouped in short terraces of four, six or eight in which the single house forms a unit within a larger entity.

Despite some differences in elevational treatments, the character of the area is one of great architectural unity with the occasional accent at a street corner.

Houses make stylistic references to the classical style. A pronounced corniced parapet runs over the full length of each terrace and unites the whole. With the roof hidden behind, it is the defining feature at roof level seen from the street.

The consistent use of London roofs gives the conservation area a clear characteristic roofscape that contributes to its special interest. The small tree-lined streets are of intrinsic townscape quality and well-preserved.

Article 4 direction

We have made an Article 4 direction to encourage the retention of high quality architectural features and ensure that changes are undertaken sympathetically.

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