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Article 4 directions

To help preserve high quality architectural features and ensure that changes are undertaken sympathetically, we apply Article 4 directions to certain conservation areas.
Planning service charges

Planning services have introduced new charges for withdrawing planning applications that have not been validated. These charges are to recover administrative costs. The charge for Non-Major applications is £41.67 (£50 including VAT) and for Major applications, it is £125 (£150 including VAT).

Article 4 directions restrict permitted development rights within a specified street or area. The directions only apply to houses that are in use as a single dwelling house. Commercial properties and flats do not have permitted development rights.

Under an Article 4 direction, external changes to elevations visible from public viewpoints require planning permission. It does not mean that works cannot be carried out, but simply that they are no longer automatically permitted.

The following list gives an indication of those changes requiring planning permission as a result of an Article 4 direction:

  • Changes to windows, doors, chimneys and other material alterations

  • Alterations to the roof of a house

  • The addition of a porch. This would include infilling an open porch

  • Construction of any building within the grounds of a house where this would be visible from any public viewpoint

  • Putting down a hard surface, for example a drive, or replacing an existing drive

  • New boundary treatments like gates, walls and fences and the demolition of the original

  • The painting of the exterior of a dwelling house or building within the grounds of the building

Any reference to 'Alterations, improvements and enlargements to dwellings' in the Article 4 directions below would include the replacement of windows and doors, the alteration to or the creation of front porches, the paving of front gardens, the creation of a cross over, the replacement of roof materials, and erection, alteration or removal of a chimney, boundary wall, gates or any other architectural feature.

If you are in doubt whether planning permission is required, please contact us before making any alterations to your house.


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