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Lift repairs

The majority of lifts have a voice communication device fitted. If the lift breaks down, press the alarm button and it will automatically connect you to our 24 hour call centre.

Alternatively, call us on 0800 028 2028. If  someone is stuck in the lift we will aim to arrive within one hour. If the lift is empty we aim to arrive within to 2 hours during the day and calls out of normal working hours is up to 3 hours.

Many lifts break down because of misuse or vandalism. Please help us by reporting offenders to us.

Please do not:

  • allow children to interfere with lift doors
  • block lift doors open
  • play with the winding gear
  • go into the lift plant room or the lift shaft
  • drop litter in the lift

Lift repairs policy

You can download our lift repairs policy from the policy library.