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Request a repair

Tell us about a repair you need to your home.

Before reporting your repair, check our repairs responsibilities page to see what repairs you are responsible for and what repairs we are responsible for.

Report all non-emergency repairs online using the residents' portal.

You can also contact us on freephone 0800 028 2028. 

The repairs contact centre accepts calls from 9am to 5pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and from 10am to 2pm on Wednesdays. 

Calls outside of these hours will be handled by our out-of-hours contact centre providing an emergency only service.

Gas central heating and hot water servicing/repairs for our tenants are carried out by our two specialist contractors. Check which contractor operates in your area and contact them directly.

Out of hours and emergency repairs service

An emergency repairs service is available outside normal office hours on our usual phone number, 0800 028 2028.

If you report an emergency repair to us out of hours we will come and make the situation safe. Our out of hours teams are focused on safety, and may not be able to complete a long-term fix. The next working day we will order any follow on works that are needed and these will be carried out in normal working hours.

The following are considered repairs emergencies:

  • no drinking water or loss of mains water
  • communal door entry phones not working
  • communal heating not working
  • lift breakdowns
  • total loss of electrical supply
  • make an area safe after criminal damage
  • major blockages, surging drains, stacks, toilets
  • dangerous structures and ceilings
  • major water penetration and flooding

Repairs policy

Read the repairs policy which sets out our policy with regard to our repairing responsibilities for communal areas shared by residents, and our repairing responsibilities for individual tenanted properties. It also confirms tenant or leaseholder repair responsibilities in line with the terms of their tenancy or lease.