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Hiring sports facilities and venues

There are many sports pitches and venues in the borough available for hire. These facilities are situated in leisure centres, parks, schools and privately run venues.

Sports pitches in parks


There are pitches for many different sports available for hire in our parks. It is also possible to have some pitches marked out for special use.

Who do I contact?

You will need to contact Glendale Grounds Management, who manage the park venues, for all bookings and enquiries.

When can I hire pitches?

You are generally only able to hire these pitches during the season of the particular sport, for example:

  • during the Football season,  from September–May,
  • for Cricket the season is late April till early September

Pitches are also only available on certain days and times as some of the pitches are used specifically for matches.

Regular club and block bookings have preference, but the pitches can be booked for private use as a group, for fun and friendly games, providing you have the correct public liability insurance which can be obtained on a one off basis.

How much do I pay to hire a pitch?

Pricing structures vary between sport, days of the week and time of day. It also varies depending on if you chose pitches that have changing facilities and pavilions.

There are pitches or markings available to hire for the following sports:


Mayow Park and Hilly Fields (grass wickets, toilets and changing facilities)
Monday to Friday daytime or evenings £60
Saturday morning £60 (colts matches)
Saturday afternoons £120
Sunday mornings £60 (colts matches)
Sunday afternoon £120
Chinbrook Meadows (junior synthetic pitch)
Hire for practice or matches
Weekday £30
Weekend £40
  • To use any of the surrounding areas for coaching per hour £10.
  • There is a 20% Discount on bookings of 10 matches or more.
  • If there is a cancellation due to the weather Clubs will have to pay 50% of hire fee.
  • The final decision regarding the cancellation of matches will be with the head Groundsman.

For indoor cricket facilities in the borough see Sports pitches and courts


Camogie takes place at Forster Park.


Lacross takes place at Blackheath.


Grade 1 (pitch, goals, nets, changing rooms and showers)
Senior pitch Mon–Fri
Sat am Sat pm
Sun am
Sun pm
Forester Memorial £47 £64 £70 £81 £64
Deptford Park £47 £64 £70 £81 £64
Chinbrook Meadows £47 £64 £70 £81 £64
Warren Avenue (Sunday junior teams only) £47 £64 £70 £81 £64

(Pitches, goals and nets but no showers or changing rooms)
Blackheath £36 £48 £52

Grade 2 (pitch and goals only – no nets provided)  
11 aside Senior Pitch
Mon–Fri Sat am/pm Sun am Sun pm
Northbrook Park
£36 £36 £47 £36
Summerhouse Fields
£36 £36 £47 £36
Home Park
£36 £36 £47 £36
Fordham Park
£36 £36 £47 £36
£36 £36 £47 £36

For other football venues in the borough visit Sports pitches and courts


There is a marking and admin fee of £162.


Tennis is free and available at locations around the borough but if you wish to make an ongoing booking for tennis coaching or training then there is a charge.

How do I pay for pitch hire in parks?

You can pay in advance by cheque or in cash at the Glendale offices.

If you are paying cash, please ensure you have the correct money as Glendale do not hold change or a float in that building.

All payments must be made and complete before using the pitch and facilities. 

These details are correct at the time of publication and only refer to pitch and court hire through Glendale for park settings.

For information about other sports pitch hire contact the venues direct.



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