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Order a bin or request a removal

Order a new bin, request a bigger bin or ask us to remove a bin.
Christmas collection days

Find out when your bins are due over the festive period.

Order a new or a replacement bin

Order a new bin if you live in a house, or a flat in a converted house. Find out what type of bin you should have by your property type.

Homes in estates, small blocks and new developments are provided with communal bins. If you are unsure please contact your housing management service.

Bin type Bin size (standard) Administration cost 
Rubbish bin (black) 180-litre wheelie bin
Recycling bin (green) 240-litre wheelie bin
Food waste bin (grey) A 23-litre grey food waste bin and one 5-litre kitchen caddy
Garden waste bin (brown) 240-litre wheelie bin

£93.50 annual subscription service

£30 for any replacement bin needed

If we have removed your bins

We will not give you a new recycling bin or food waste bin if we had to remove your old one because you used it incorrectly. You would have received letters from us advising on this prior to removal. To make sure you use your bins correctly, find out what items can go in your recycling and food waste bins.

Request a bigger bin

In exceptional circumstances, we can provide a larger rubbish bin for your property if you meet certain criteria. If you live in a flat above a shop you will be issued with sacks for your waste, in some circumstances you can order extra sacks, check your bins by property.

Bin damage and repairs

Let us know if your bin's been damaged, and request a repair.

Request a bin removal

Let us know if you'd like us to remove a bin from your property.