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Report a missed collection or damage to your bin

Tell us if we didn't collect your rubbish or if you need your bin repaired such as the bin lid.

Missed collections

  • we empty your recycling and food waste bin once a week and your rubbish bin every other week (if you don't get food waste collections, your rubbish is collected weekly) - find your collection day

  • we won't empty your bins if you don't leave them at the edge of your property on, or by, the pavement - this does not count as a missed collection

  • bins are emptied across the morning, so please wait until 2pm to report a missed collection

  • food waste and garden waste bins are collected on separate rounds, so will be collected at different points in the day

  • if more than one of your bins hasn't been emptied, you must report each bin separately

  • we aim to empty all missed bins within two working days if you report the missed collection within 24 hours

  • if you report a missed collection later than this, your bin will be emptied on your next normal collection day

  • if you cannot wait for the next collection, you should take your recycling to the reuse and recycling centre in New Cross

Using your bins correctly

If your recycling, rubbish or food bin has a red tag on it, it contains the wrong items and we couldn’t empty it. Please remove the items and we will collect on your next collection day.

If your rubbish or food waste bin contains the wrong items, you must remove them before we can collect it. Find out what you can put in your recycling and food waste bins

Bin damage

Our waste operatives will put a postcard through your door if your bin has been damaged during collection times, such as if the lid breaks. This means your bin will be scheduled for repair or replacement. You can also report a repair to us directly using the forms below.

If you have damaged your own bin or lost your bin, you will need to order a new bin.

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