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Housing-related support services

Some people need extra support for a wide range of reasons including age, disability, mental health, or because of alcohol and drug use.
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Our aim is to support people to develop their independent living skills and work towards fulfilling personal goals, aspirations and wellbeing.

Housing-related support can help you with:

  • managing your money

  • healthy eating

  • support to find accommodation

  • help to access health services

  • help to access education and employment

  • support with claiming the right benefits

  • help to fill in forms

  • help to stay safe and secure at home

  • help access local services and support.

These services cannot provide any personal care support for example help with washing, bathing, using the toilet or taking medication.

If this type of support is needed then you need to request a needs assessment.

We provide this via local support providers.

An initial assessment of current housing and support needs will be undertaken with you by the housing options team to see if you meet the eligibility criteria.

If you do meet the criteria we need to decide how much support you require and this is normally assessed at one of three accommodation based assessment centres. 

If you are eligible, the types of support we can offer include:

  • accommodation based support – within one of three support pathways

  • sheltered housing – staff on the premises for a set period of time

  • floating support – staff visit you at home.

Time frame

The target stay for this kind of accommodation based support is usually 18 months to two years, but is based around the needs of the individual.

If you need long term support and you do not receive housing benefit then a financial assessment will be required since you may be required to pay something towards the cost of your support.

If you do not wish to declare your financial situation then you will be required to pay the full costs towards your support.

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