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Arrange a road closure

Sometimes works or events on the highway require a road to be temporarily closed to general traffic. These closures require a Traffic Regulation Order issued by the highway authority.

Who is responsible

  • We share responsibility for the roads in the borough with Transport for London (TfL)

  • All red routes are maintained by TfL and you will need to contact them directly about these. See more information about red routes on their website

  • For all other roads in the borough you will need to contact us

Arranging a road closure


You will need to contact us eight to 12 weeks before you need the closure. A road closure can last for a maximum of 18 months.


  • We will need to make and advertise a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) at a cost of £2,510

  • There may be further charges for diversion signing and other associated work

  • We do not normally charge for closing a road for a street party. 

Alternative routes

Where a TRO restricts the use of a road, route or area to certain vehicles, we will work with the emergency services and bus operators to arrange a recommended alternative route.


If you are planning a demonstration you need to contact the Metropolitan Police.


Contact us to agree the location, time and traffic management plan. You may also need a TRO, and we may require a refundable deposit as security against any damage to the highway or street furniture.

Street parties and parades

If you wish to hold a street party or run an event on the public highway (for example, a marathon or a procession) that requires the road to be closed then you must contact us for approval and get written agreement from the police.

We generally do not charge for closing the road for a street party, but any other costs must be met by the event organiser.

For enquiries please contact:  Streetworks@lewisham.gov.uk.

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