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Road and pavement obstructions

It is an offence to obstruct the free passage of the road or pavement.

Such obstructions include:

  • skips, scaffolding and building materials

  • mud, concrete or water on the road

  • overhanging tree branches

  • unauthorised traders and shop signs.

Displaying goods on the highway

  • Many shops have forecourts and they can display whatever they want on them. However, when traders display their goods on the footway itself, we can take enforcement action if the display is causing problems to pedestrians.

  • We allow displays to stick out a maximum of 1.05 metres (3'6") onto the pavement, as long as pedestrians have at least 2.10 metres (7'0") clear passageway between the edge of the display and the road.

  • In exceptional circumstances we will allow a greater depth of display (for example, if the pavement is very wide) or a smaller depth of display (for example, where pedestrian footfall is very high).

  • Projections such as canopies, awnings or CCTV equipment must be at least 2.75 metres above the pavement.


Highway Maintenance Group

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