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Why we're improving Beckenham Place Park

Find out why we are working to improve Beckenham Place Park.

Why we're improving the park

Beckenham Place Park is Lewisham’s largest park and is 30% bigger than Greenwich Park. It has ancient woodland, a meadow, parkland, a river and several historic buildings.

Yet the park is not know very well and is not used very much.

Survey results

We believe this offers a real opportunity to make Beckenham Place Park one of the best parks in London.

A survey carried out in 2013 to understand how people use Beckenham Place Park concluded that, ‘the park appears to be underused’.

The reasons given in the survey for underuse of the park were:

  • lack of attractions and features

  • presence of unusable and derelict features

  • a large area is out of bounds

  • woodlands are difficult to navigate and feel unsafe to some people.

To make sure the park is used more in the future we will address each of these issues.