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New and improved walking and cycling routes in Deptford and New Cross

We are improving walking and cycling routes in Deptford and New Cross through our North Lewisham Links programme.

North Lewisham Links' is a programme of works aiming to improve walking and cycling routes across Deptford and New Cross in order to encourage residents to live more active lives and make better use of local amenities and public transport.

The original North Lewisham Links strategy identified 10 separate routes which could connect possible new development sites with community facilities such as schools and colleges, town centres, parks and public open spaces.

This formed the basis for a successful bid for £4.4m of Government funding to enhance ‘route 1’. Also known as ‘Kender to the Creek’, this 3km long network of open spaces runs from New Cross Gate to Deptford High Street and includes Fordham Park, Margaret McMillan Park and Douglas Way.

A number of related projects have been also been completed in recent years, including a number of public spaces in and around the Pepys estate, and we are continuing to look at ways to fund the remainder of this programme of work such as securing contributions from private developers operating in the area.

An updated North Lewisham Links strategy – assessing the projects implemented to date and other changes and developments in the Deptford and New Cross area to identify future priorities and projects – was published in 2012 and is available below.

Local residents and other key stakeholders will have the opportunity to have their say about the various different routes as work on each one gets underway.

Additionally, changes are being planned to a 3km stretch in the north of the borough to make it more attractive to new or less-experienced cyclists, as part of the Quietway project .


1. Kender to the Creek
2. Central Deptford
3. The Western Connection
4. Surrey Canal Road
5. Towards the river

6. Deptford Creek
7. Deptford Park
8. High Street to Creek
9. Riverside
10. New Cross Gate improvements

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