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Deptford town centre regeneration

See how we are transforming Deptford town centre to help prepare it for the increase in population and the additional demand on local services that new developments will bring.
About regeneration in Deptford town centre
Information about ongoing regeneration works in Deptford to increase housing and improve amenities.
Deptford Lounge and Tidemill Academy
Read about the multi-award-winning Deptford Lounge development, which houses a library and Tidemill Academy primary school.
Deptford station
Deptford's contemporary new station building is now completed and fully open to the public.
Changes to traffic flow on the high street
Following major construction works to improve the north end of Deptford High Street, we are introducing changes to traffic movement and parking.
Deptford railway bridge lighting
Information about Rainbow Bridge – a new light art installation below the railway bridge in Deptford High Street.
Better housing
We have been developing proposals to build a new housing development on the land in between Giffin Street and Reginald Road. 
Tidemill site development – questions and answers
Planning permission has been granted to build new homes on Frankham Street. The scheme is also known as the Tidemill site development.
Frankham Street parking boulevard
About the new parking boulevard on Frankham Street.
The Deptford Project
We have restored an historic Victorian carriage ramp and created a new public square as part of The Deptford Project (a.k.a. Deptford Rise).
Making Giffin Street one way
To improve traffic movement, we’re proposing to make Giffin Street one way eastbound for all vehicles, except cyclists. This means you would no longer be able to drive a vehicle westbound towards Deptford High Street.