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About regeneration in Deptford and New Cross

See how we're regenerating Deptford and New Cross to provide a significant number of new homes and jobs for the area, along with major improvements to the local infrastructure and environment.

The North Deptford area of the borough includes four ‘strategic’ regeneration sites which, between them, could provide over half of the borough’s new housing provision for the period 2011–2026 as well as significant amounts of new business space.

In order to help prepare it for the increase in population and additional demand on local services that these new developments will bring, Deptford town centre has been undergoing a major transformation.

The re-located Tidemill Academy and the extended Wavelengths leisure centre now offer even better educational and leisure facilities, while the multi-award-winning Deptford Lounge provides a new focal point for community activities.

Meanwhile, a series of projects have helped to improve the southern half of Deptford High Street and Deptford Market, with the monthly Giffin Square Food Fair complementing the market’s usual offer.

We have also embarked on a programme of work to improve walking and cycling routes which connect proposed new development sites with one another, as well as with existing facilities.

Already, £4 million secured from the Government has been spent on improving the main pedestrian shortcut between Deptford and neighbouring New Cross.

Additionally, the New Cross Gate Trust is working in partnership with the local community to deliver significant regeneration of the New Cross Gate area.