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Deptford town centre – improved housing

We have been developing proposals to build a new housing development on the land in between Giffin Street and Reginald Road. 

It has been calculated that this could provide in excess of 200 additional properties, as well as meeting various housing needs of existing residents (such as improving accessibility and easing overcrowding).

A previous proposal incorporated the demolition and rebuilding of two blocks on Giffin Street (no’s 22–80 and 82–150), one block on Reginald Road (no’s 2–30a) and the conversion of the old Tidemill School buildings. However, after carrying out further investigation over the past year including in-depth technical surveys of all the above buildings, we have had to re-evaluate this scheme.

Recent information about Lewisham Homes’ planned programme of works and the housing market conditions in the area has also led to us investigating a revised scheme which incorporates the following:

  • demolishing 2-30a Reginald Road

  • converting the old Tidemill School buildings into residential properties.

Under the current proposals, 22-80 and 82-150 Giffin Street and Frankham Street parking boulevard would be retained.