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Deptford railway bridge lighting

Information about Rainbow Bridge – a new light art installation below the railway bridge in Deptford High Street.

The lighting was designed by artist Peter Freeman and was chosen by local residents following a consultation on three design options.

The Rainbow Bridge lighting will have different colour combinations that will change on a monthly basis and reflect special days. 

Deptford High Street light art programme

Colour programmes for each month

Each month Rainbow Bridge in Deptfordwill have its own light programme. These will be loosely based around the concept of very slowly moving rainbows and are designed to reflect the changing moods associated with the different seasons of the year.

January – slowly moving rainbow full spectrum.

February – slowly moving rainbow from centre out progressively two colours at a time.

March – slowly moving rainbow circular around the whole bridge.

April – spring colours with different pastel colours changing slowly in a random pattern.

May – rainbow slowly expanding from the centre of the bridge, four colours at a time.

June – single slowly changing colour under bridge with contrasting colours on the façade.

July – slowly changing pairs of colour: magenta, orange, aquamarine and yellow.

August – primary rainbow colours: façades and sides all contrasting colours.

September – slowly moving rainbow stretched out to give two colours at a time.

October – lights slowly scrolling through the rainbow a single colour at a time.

November – slow moving full spectrum rainbow from front to back of the bridge.

December – festive red white and green static colours.

Special days

These are colour programs with a strong simple colour signature to commemorate and celebrate important global and national days. The lights will change just for one day.

1 January – New Year's Day    Rainbow colours 
27 January – Holocaust Memorial Day      White
14 February – Valentine’s Day   Pink
1 March – St David's Day (Wales)   Yellow
8 March – International Women's Day    Red, purple, green, pink
17 March – St Patrick's Day (Ireland)   Green
21 March – World Poetry Day Red, aquamarine, yellow, magenta
22 April – Earth Day     Aquamarine, blue
23 April – St George's Day / World Book Day Red, white
1 May – International Workers Day Red
5 June – World Environment Day    Green, blue
30 July – International Friendship Day    Blue, pink, green, yellow 
12 August – International Youth Day  Magenta, aquamarine, lime green, blue
21 September – United Nations' International Day of Peace White
10 October – World Mental Health Day Lime green
17 October – International Day for the Eradication of Poverty  Lilac 
1 November – All Saints Day Yellow, pink, white 
11 November – Armistice Day   Red
19 November – International Men’s Day     Purple, red
30 November –St Andrew's Day (Scotland)   Blue, white
10 December – Human Rights Day  Red, green, blue, white
25 December­–5 January – Christmas Day and 12 days of Christmas Red, green, white