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We are proposing to make Giffin Street in Deptford one way

To improve traffic movement, we’re proposing to make Giffin Street one way eastbound for all vehicles, except cyclists. This means you would no longer be able to drive a vehicle westbound towards Deptford High Street.

Why we want to make Giffin Street one way

We want to make the town centre:

  • cleaner 
  • quieter
  • safer for pedestrians and cyclists
  • a better place to shop and visit.

Currently, vehicles take a shortcut in the two-way section between Giffin Street and Edward Street. This traffic is not using the high street for shopping, so we want to completely remove the rat run through the high street.

How to find out more about the proposal

For full details about the scheme and what you can do if you don’t agree with the proposal, see the document below.

Published notices on Giffin Street proposal

You can read published public notices related to the proposal at the following links:

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