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What you can put in your recycling bin

You can use your recycling bin to dispose of paper, metal, glass and plastic.

How to recycle

  • Empty and rinse all containers before putting them in the bin.

  • Flatten cardboard boxes.

  • You can recycle the lids of glass and plastic bottles, but please remove them first.

  • The film lids on plastic pots, tubs and trays can’t be recycled. Please remove these and throw them away.

  • You don’t need to remove the labels on jars and bottles.

  • We will collect your recycling every week on your collection day.

  • Leave your recycling bin at the edge of your property on, or by, the pavement before 6.00am on your collection day. If you live in a block of flats or on an estate, put your recycling in the communal bins.

What you can recycle


Metal, including:

     ✔️ aluminium and steel cans     
     ✔️biscuit tins       
     ✔️bottle lids
     ✔️clean silver foil
     ✔️empty aerosol cans.

Plastic, including:

      ✔️food containers, such as yoghurt pots, fruit punnets and ice cream tubs
      ✔️ meat, fish and ready meal trays (no black trays)
      ✔️ plastic takeaway containers
      ✔️ clear and coloured plastic bottles including shampoo, fizzy drinks, milk bottles and cleaning products.

Glass, including:

      ✔️ glass bottles such as wine, olive oil, and perfume
      ✔️ glass jars, including clear and coloured glass.

Paper, including:

     ✔️ newspapers and magazines
     ✔️ envelopes, greeting cards and junk mail
     ✔️ telephone directories and catalogues
     ✔️ food and drink cartons, such as soup, juice packs (Tetra Pak)
     ✔️ cardboard, including cereal and egg boxes (flatten the boxes before placing in the bins)
     ✔️ shredded paper (needs to be contained in a paper bag).

What you can’t recycle

Please do not put the following items in your green bin as they cannot be recycled:

     ❌ hard plastics e.g. Tupperware

     ❌ clear and coloured plastic bags e.g. carrier bags, sandwich bags and black bin liners
     ❌ clear plastic film e.g. cling film, ready meal film lid
     ❌ polystyrene
     ❌ bubble wrap
     ❌ textiles e.g. old clothes, scrap material
     ❌ tissues, wallpaper, wet or dirty paper and cardboard
     ❌ window glass, broken glass, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, Pyrex and ceramics
     ❌ laminated or waxed paper
     ❌ sweet/candy wrappers
     ❌ crisp packets
     ❌ scrap metal
     ❌ small electricals
     ❌ nappies
     ❌ masks and disposable gloves
     ❌ coat hangers

Many of the items listed above can be taken to the Reuse and Recycling Centre in New Cross.

What happens if you put non-recyclable items in your recycling bin

Only put items that can be recycled in your recycling bin. If your recycling bin contains non-recyclable items or food and garden waste we will not be able to collect it.

If you keep contaminating your recycling bin, we will take it away. For more information, read our service standards.

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