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A to Z of recycling

An A to Z to help you dispose of an item safely and sustainably.

It is always best to reduce, reuse, repair or recycle items.

Every day we throw away items from our homes and sometimes a few things can end up in the wrong bin. If you are unsure how to recycle or dispose of an item safely and sustainably, browse our A to Z to find the item you want to dispose of. Please remember that your item might have more than one name or may be listed under the name of the material it is made of.

This is for residential waste only. Businesses and landlords must use licenced waste carriers.

If there is an item which is not listed in this guide, please email recycle@lewisham.gov.uk.

Find out how to donate your unwanted furniture (or any household items) to charitable organisations in the local area or give it away.

  • To dispose of larger items such as chairs, sofas, beds and carpets, we provide a collection service for up to four items for a small fee. Fridges and freezers will also be collected for a fee. Find out more and book your collection.
  • Mattresses can be collected for a fee. Visit our site for further details and to book a collection
  • Hazardous waste cannot be disposed of with your normal household waste because it may be dangerous to human health or the environment. The City of London provides a hazardous household waste collection service to help you safely dispose of asbestos and boxed chemicals including paint. If you want to arrange a collection or would like more information regarding this service, please visit the City of London's website or call them on 020 7332 3433.
  • Licenced Waste Carriers - If you are a householder or a business working with waste, you have a duty of care to ensure that your waste is managed properly. The law requires anyone dealing with waste to keep it safe, make sure it’s dealt with responsibly and only given to businesses authorised to take it. Find out more on our website. 
  • Lewisham Council Reuse and Recycling Centre, Landmann Way, New Cross, SE14 5RS. The opening hours are Sunday–Friday 8am–3pm (last entry at 3pm) and Saturday 8am–11am (last entry at 11am). Find out more and book your slot.
  • Lewisham residents can also take their unwanted items to the Reuse and Recycling Centres in Bromley Council. There might be a fee to pay, please contact them directly for further information.