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Homecare services to help you live at home independently

Homecare services can help you live independently at home through offering support including help with personal care, taking your medication, shopping, laundry and housework.
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What services are available?

The main services that care agencies provide are:

Personal care

This includes help with:

  • getting in and out of bed

  • washing

  • dressing

  • going to the toilet

  • preparing meals

  • taking medication

  • changing bedding

  • washing clothes

Domestic care

This includes help with:

  • housework

  • doing your shopping

  • paperwork

Help for carers: sitting service

If you are a full-time carer, a care worker can look after the person you normally care for so that you can go out or do something else for a while, getting a break from your normal caring role.

About the care agencies in Lewisham

We have established main care agencies in the four quarters (neighbourhoods) of the borough, broken up according to postcode. We have chosen the lead providers (main care agencies) as being suitable to meet all requirements for care in the home. 

How we choose our providers

Lead providers

The lead providers have to work closely with us, and we visit each agency once every three months to ensure they are well organised and are providing a high quality of service.

Approved providers

The approved providers (other care agencies) have been vetted by us. We do not monitor them as closely as we do the lead providers, but if they do not meet our required standards we will remove them from our list.


Charges vary. The average cost is currently around £16 to £18 per hour (2017).

If you are arranging your care yourself, you should always check with the agency how much it will cost before coming to an agreement with them. The agency should:

  • come to your home free of charge for an initial assessment

  • give you their offer in writing

Get an assessment

If you would like us to assess you for this type of care, complete our 'Getting adult social care support' form and we'll be in touch.