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Surrey Canal Triangle SPD

We are preparing a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for the area known as the Surrey Canal Triangle.

What is an SPD and why do we need them?

An SPD provides more detailed planning guidance within the context of an existing planning policy, it does not create new policy. This guidance particularly relates to design qualities and to the type and nature of development that would be considered appropriate for the borough-wide area or for a particular area within the borough.

If adopted, the SPD will be a factor in the consideration of all planning applications within the area.

SPDs also play an important role in the implementation of our priorities for regeneration, which are:

  • an open borough – accessible and accommodating to all
  • tackling the housing crisis
  • giving children and young people the best start in life
  • building and inclusive local economy
  • delivering and defending: health, social care and support
  • making the borough greener
  • building safer communities.

Our plans for the Surrey Canal Triangle

The Surrey Canal Triangle would be a strategic site allocation as part of our Core Strategy Document which was adopted in June 2011.

This is a significant site in the borough and offers many opportunities to make lasting and sustainable improvements which would benefit local residents in the immediate and wider area. The proposal includes ambitions for:

  • extending Millwall Football Club’s stadium
  • creating mixed-use business spaces
  • much-needed genuinely affordable housing
  • a potential new train station
  • other community facilities.

More specific information on our plans for the site can be found on page 146 of our core strategy document.

If you would like us to keep you in the loop about the Surrey Canal Triangle SPD work, then please email urbandesign@lewisham.gov.uk to be added to a mailing list.


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