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Alterations and extensions SPD

Read the alterations and extensions SPD.

Alterations and Extensions Supplementary Planning Document

We adopted the Alterations and Extensions Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) on 24 April 2019. This replaced Section 6 of the Residential Standards SPD (adopted 2006 and updated 2012). The Alterations and Extensions SPD supports our existing statutory Development Plan Documents.

Who can use the SPD?

This SPD is meant to help and support you if you are preparing or reviewing a planning application for alterations or extensions on a house. It can be used by:

  • householders
  • design professionals, in drawing up proposals
  • development management officers, to make it easier to assess the suitability of applications
  • statutory and non-statutory consultees and the public in commenting on planning applications
  • us, in determining planning applications and in upholding decisions at planning appeals.

Aims of the SPD

This SPD aims to strengthen the design process and ensure that alterations and extensions meet the highest design standards as required by planning policy. We want to:

  • encourage high quality design – we have set out principles and guidelines to help you achieve an acceptable standard of design.
  • help you to prepare a successful planning application.

If you follow the advice in this document, you should be able to have a clear design process that will help you to achieve a positive planning decision.