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About the Lewisham Local Plan

Find out about the Lewisham Local Plan, which will be the key planning document for the borough.

Lewisham’s new Local Plan will set out a shared vision for the future of the borough along with the planning and investment framework to deliver this vision through to 2040.

It will include policies and guidelines used to determine planning applications, together with the London Plan and Neighbourhood Plans.

Consultation on the draft Local Plan

We consulted on the Lewisham Local Plan: Main Issues and Preferred Approaches document (the draft Local Plan) during January to April 2021. This was a Regulation 18 stage public consultation.

We received feedback from over 1400 local residents, community groups, businesses, government bodies and other organisations. We have prepared a short summary of this feedback and actions we are taking in response to it.

Local Plan: Main Issues and Preferred Approaches consultation summary.

We held a series of online information sessions during the consultation. These were recorded and can be viewed on the Local Plan YouTube channel.

For more information about the Local Plan please visit Local Plan Commonplace. The draft Local Plan can be viewed in full by clicking the ‘Menu’ tab and selecting ‘Download the documents’.

Next Steps

We are now making changes to the draft Local Plan in response to consultation feedback and new evidence base studies. We have also carried out further engagement with seldom heard and hard-to-reach groups – this will help to ensure that the views of Lewisham’s diverse communities are taken into account.

The revised Local Plan will be published for another round of public consultation. It will then be submitted to the Secretary of State for an examination in public, which is to be overseen by a Planning Inspector.

The next public consultation on the Local Plan (the Regulation 19 stage) is due to take place in autumn 2022, subject to the approval of Lewisham’s Mayor and Cabinet as well as full Council.

For more information on public meetings please visit Lewisham Council - Council meetings.

How to get involved

If you require further information or would like to be notified of future consultation opportunities, contact the local plan team by email and ask for your details to be added to our consultation database.