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Planning advice service

Information about our four-tiered planning advice service.
Planning service charges

Planning services have introduced new charges for withdrawing planning applications that have not been validated. These charges are to recover administrative costs. The charge for Non-Major applications is £41.67 (£50 including VAT) and for Major applications, it is £125 (£150 including VAT).

Information about our four-tiered planning advice service.

Our planning advice service is available to householders and small local business in the borough. The service offers four levels of planning advice:

General information about the planning advice service

Access to the planning advice service is by pre-arranged appointment only. A planning officer is available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 1–4pm.

What happens after a meeting?

A planning officer will provide a brief written response. If you do not wish to have an appointment and wish only to receive a written response then please let us know (please note that the charges for the service remains the same).

What happens if you cancel an appointment or arrive late?

  • If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the agreed time, we cannot rebook it so will be unable to refund the fee.
  • If you are late for your appointment it will still end at the time advised as we will have other appointments booked after yours.

Exemptions from payment

Please note that the following are exempt from payment:

  • if you are seeking advice on creating access to your property because you are registered disabled
  • if you need assistance understanding plans or guidance because you are registered disabled (we will need you to provide evidence that you are registered disabled).

Please contact us if you think that this exemption applies to you and tell us how we can help you.

Advice on the creation of new residential units (including subdivision of existing flats, new-build residential units, conversions and annexes) cannot be given through any of the above services. HMOs are also excluded and all are covered by the pre-application service.


Any planning advice given by officers, either orally or in writing in the course of their duties, is offered in good faith and is based on the information and evidence provided. Advice is offered without the benefit of a site visit or the involvement of other consultees (both internal and external), neighbours or other interested parties. Such views are therefore the personal opinion of that officer and are not a formal decision of, nor are they binding on, the local planning authority. The local planning authority will only be bound where a formal application is submitted and a formal decision is issued in writing.

Our website contains much of the information you need to submit an application. Please consider checking this website and the Planning Portal for assistance before you contact us

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