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Planning pre-application advice and planning performance agreements

We encourage you to use our planning service after you undertake initial feasibility work and before you draw up detailed proposals.
Changes to the Scheme of Delegation

On 29 March 2023, members agreed changes to the Council’s constitution and scheme of delegation.

The new scheme will be applied to applications with a Statutory Start Date of 30 March 2023 or later.  The changes are:

  • 10 or more objections will be required to trigger a planning committee meeting 
  • A scheme with an amenity society objection will be referred to a Chairs’ Review meeting

For larger scale projects, usually by developers, we offer two kinds of planning advice:

Get planning pre-application advice

Developers and applicants can get formal, face-to-face pre-application advice on large and complicated schemes outside of the scope of the Duty Planner (Standard) and Duty Planner (Complex) services before submitting a planning application.

Planning performance agreements

A planning performance agreement (PPA) is an agreement between the local planning authority and a potential applicant to provide a project management framework for handling a development proposal from pre-application stage through to decision.