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Temporary accommodation

Temporary accommodation is interim housing for residents who’ve made a homelessness application to us.

Providing you meet our application criteria you will likely be placed in hostel temporary accommodation while we're assessing your homelessness application, and then moved into private sector leased accommodation as the next stage. Once your homelessness application is successful you'll be able to start bidding for permanent accommodation through FindYourHome.

We are responsible for your housing application, property allocations, property reviews and bidding for permanent accommodation.

If you have any questions about the property you’ve been placed in, the bidding process or the status of your housing application, you should contact us at housingoptionsenquiry@lewisham.gov.uk or on 020 8314 7007.

Types of temporary accommodation

There are three types of temporary accommodation provided:

  • nightly paid – typically short term bed and breakfast accommodation
  • hostel – typically kitchen and bedroom units with shared bathroom facilities
  • private sector leased – properties owned by a private landlord but managed by us

You can find out more about what to expect from temporary accommodation and how to make a homelessness application.

Existing tenants

If you already live in temporary accommodation that we manage you can contact your temporary accommodation Housing Officer or the team directly at temphousing@lewisham.gov.uk or on 0800 028 2028.

For rent enquiries please contact your temporary accommodation Income Officer on 0800 028 2028.

Repairs and maintenance

You can log repairs to your home over the phone by calling 0800 028 2028. If you live in a hostel you can also log repairs through our housing services portal.

If you live in private sector accommodation and you have a problem with your central heating or boiler you should contact the maintenance contractor responsible for your property. This information will be available in your tenancy pack. If you don’t have access to this information you should contact the repairs team on 0800 028 2028.

Lost fobs

Antisocial behaviour

If you want to report antisocial behaviour where you live you should contact your Housing Officer.

Welfare benefits

If you’re struggling to pay your rent or want some advice on what help you’re entitled to you can contact the Welfare Benefits team on 0800 028 2028.

Employment support

Get in touch with the Lewisham Works team who can support you with CVs and job application advice.

Advice and support

Some people need extra support for a wide range of reasons including age, disability, mental health, or alcohol and drug use.

The Adult Social Care Advice & Information team can arrange additional support depending on individual need.

For housing specific support the following Council agencies can provide advice to both families and single people:

  • Single Homeless Intervention and Prevention Service (without children) - tel: 020 8314 3020/3898, email: SHIP@lewisham.gov.uk
  • Homeless Family Floating Support Service (pregnant or with children) - tel: 020 8314 6366, email: familysupport@lewisham.gov.uk

Ending your tenancy

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