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Get help finding somewhere to live or support to stay in your home.

Get housing advice

Answer a few short questions to get advice about your housing situation.

How we can help

Contact us if you are homeless, or likely to be homeless within the next eight weeks. We will:

  • assess your housing situation
  • work out what your needs are
  • give you advice on the next steps to take.

We will help you develop a personalised housing and wellbeing plan, which sets out what actions we will both take to prevent or relieve your homelessness.

Step-by-step guide

Read Shelter’s step-by-step guide about how to get support from the Council if you are homeless or facing homelessness within eight weeks. The guide tells you about:

  1. how we can help
  2. how to ask us for help
  3. homeless assessments
  4. personal housing plans
  5. who qualifies for housing
  6. challenging a decision.

Financial support

If you are having financial problems, we may be able to help you:

  • budget, manage your money and maximise your income
  • with benefit changes, such as universal credit, benefit caps or local housing allowance
  • find a job
  • with a deposit for private rented accommodation.

Financial help will be available as part of your personalised housing and wellbeing plan.

Emergency accommodation

Emergency accommodation is in the form of hostels. You can access some of hostels directly without needing a referral.

Partners and duty to refer

Some public organisations (such jobcentres, A&E and probation services) must refer homeless people, or people at risk of homelessness, to us. This is called duty to refer.

Refer someone to us. 

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Useful websites

How to contact us

Single people

If you are a single person in need of housing advice, contact SHIP (Single Homelessness Intervention and Prevention).


If you are a family in need of housing advice, or you are pregnant, contact Housing Options.