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Support for people on the housing register

If you are on the waiting list for social housing, you need to bid on housing.
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There are about 10,000 households on our housing register.  

Read more about waiting times if you apply for council housing

Lewisham Find Your Home 

On 29 March we launched a new website called Lewisham Find Your Home. The Lewisham Find Your Home website replaces Lewisham Homesearch as the place to register a housing application, view properties and place bids.

Anyone with an existing housing register application will need to re-register to the website. Read our registration guide.

How to apply for a home?

Register on the Council’s housing list or your housing association landlord’s transfer list.

To get on the Council’s housing list, you need to complete a housing application form. You can find this on the Lewisham Find Your Home website.

If you are a tenant of one of the housing associations in Lewisham and you need to transfer to another property in the borough, you may need to get on your landlord’s transfer list by completing a transfer application form. You can contact your landlord to find out more about this.

You can only join the housing list if you have a recognised priority housing need.

Check which priority band you’re in

The Council and housing associations have a responsibility to help other people who need housing, as well as their tenants. There are three priority bands:

  • 1 – emergency
  • 2 – high
  • 3 – priority.

If you’re eligible for Lewisham Find Your Home, you should already have a letter telling you which band your application is in, and the list date. This is the date your application was accepted, or the date of any change in circumstances that led to a change of band. The higher the band of your application, the higher the priority you have.

Look at the weekly newsletter or on the website, choose a property you are eligible for and interested in and make a request.

Property adverts

Each advert will give details about the properties available, the landlord, the weekly rent, the property’s features and who it is most suitable for. There’ll be a photograph of the property, if one is available. The photograph might not be of the actual property, but a similar property in the street or block.


We will also say if the property is being advertised with a preference for a certain type of applicant e.g. people who have to move because of major repairs works, improvements or redevelopment – known as decants – who will be considered first.

The right home for you

When you see a property that you’re interested in, check it’s suitable for you and that the deadline hasn’t passed. For example, check it has enough bedrooms and meets any medical needs. Before you bid, carefully check all the details in the advert and make sure you can afford the rent. You may want to visit the area or street before you bid to make sure it is somewhere you would like to live.

Making a request

You can only bid for one property a week. To make a request for a property by the closing date on the newsletter and website each week, go to the Lewisham Find Your Home website and log into your application.

Changing your mind

You can withdraw or change your bid at any time during the advertising cycle. This can be done online or by phone.

Ask a friend, relative or any other helper to make requests on your behalf for properties that you are eligible for.

If you need help bidding and have no one to make bids on your behalf, you may be able to get help from the Lewisham Find Your Home support officer. For an assessment, call 020 8314 9097. If you are a tenant of one of the housing associations, you should contact their offices.

If you’re successful, go to an interview and view the property

  • We don’t make offers on a first-come, first-served basis. We look at all of the requests together after the deadline.
  • If more than one eligible person with the same rehousing need applies for the same property, the person who has been in need longest will have preference. That is the person with the oldest housing list date.
  • We start by looking at applicants in the highest band. If no one in that band is suitable, we go to the next highest band and work our way down.
  • When we advertise properties indicating preference to a certain category e.g. decants, we will consider that category first and then go to the highest band if no one is suitable.
  • We often carry out multiple viewings, so will send up to three applicants to the landlord to be considered for each property. The landlord will tell you what position of the three you are in. During this process, you can’t bid again until the multiple viewing has finished and the landlord has notified the Allocations Team. We don’t carry out multiple viewings for wheelchair-adapted properties or properties with a preference for clients subject to the one-offer policy.
  • If you’re one of the successful applicants, the landlord will contact you using the contact details you entered on your online housing application, so it is important you keep these up to date. You may be asked to go in for an interview or be visited in your home first. You can view the property before you decide to take it.
  • Before you move in, you may have to provide us with evidence – such as identification, proof of income or proof of local connection – to confirm your household details.
  • Some people can only be offered housing once, so will need to consider this offer very carefully. If they refuse it, they will not get another offer, and cannot use Lewisham Find Your Home again for 12 months, pending eligibility.
  • If you have been accepted as priority homeless, you will only be offered housing once. If you think the property you have been offered is unsuitable, you should move into the property and request a review. You should request a review in writing within 21 days of viewing the property.
  • If the one-offer policy does not apply to you, you can have three homes offered to you, except for decants and large-scale decants. If you don’t come to a viewing, accept an offer or sign a tenancy agreement of three properties in a row, you will be disqualified for 12 months.

If you’re not successful, try another week and keep checking the results in the weekly newsletter or online.

Lewisham Find Your Home will publish details of all the properties that have been let, showing the band of the successful person and how many eligible people put in a request for the property. This will help you work out which properties you should request each week. The results may take a few weeks to appear.

We may offer some properties directly to applicants. These properties won’t be advertised, but we will show the results in the newsletter after they are let.

If your circumstances change

You must let us know if your circumstances change in the following ways:

  • your benefits stop or you start claiming benefits
  • you start work or stop work
  • your earnings increase or decrease
  • your savings or capital increase
  • someone leaves or moves into the household
  • you’ve moved from your temporary accommodation or private rented accommodation on your own accord.