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Offer day for primary schools

Find out how to accept your primary school place or how to appeal.

How and when will you get offers

If you apply online for a 2020 primary school place, you will get an email after 5pm on Thursday 16 April 2020 saying where your child has been offered a primary school place. If you applied by post, we will send your results by first class post on 16 April 2020. These will take a day or more to arrive.
We do not give results over the telephone.

How to accept an offer of a primary school place

You must accept your place by 30 April 2020.


If you applied online, you need to log into your eAdmissions account using your user name and password.

By post

If you completed a paper application, you must return your completed acceptance form to School Admissions and Appeals Team, Laurence House, 1 Catford Road, SE6 4RU.

Appeal against not getting a primary school place

Find out how to appeal.

If you still want to be considered for a place at a higher preference school

If you have been offered a school place but you still want to be considered for a place at a higher preference school, we encourage you to accept the school you have been offered, as we cannot guarantee you a place at your higher preference school.

Waiting lists for schools in and outside of the borough

Your child's name will automatically be added to the waiting list for any schools in the borough that you named as a higher preference than the school offered.

Community schools in the borough continue to use their list until the end of the first term of the new school year (end of December 2020). If a vacancy becomes available, we will use the admissions criteria to decide which child is offered the place.
If you are on a waiting list for a school and you decide you are happy with the school you have already been offered, you must let us know. We can then remove your child's name from the waiting list and offer places to other children if they become available.

What to do if you were offered a school you didn’t apply for

Unfortunately, not every child can be offered a place at a school they have applied for. In these cases, we have a duty to ensure that every child in the borough is offered a school place.

If your child has not been offered a place at a school you applied for, you will be offered a place at the school closest to you where there is a place available. Before you decide whether to accept this offer, please visit the school first and speak to the headteacher about the opportunities available for your child.

The headteacher of that school will write to welcome you and offer to meet with you and your child and show you their school before you decide whether to accept the offer. Our primary schools offer modern and state of the art learning facilities and the headteacher will assure you that your child can aspire and progress there.
You will also be invited to meet with an Admissions Officer to discuss the options now available to your child. Details will be confirmed in the letter we have sent you.

From Friday 17 April to Friday 1 May 2020, we will prioritise calls and emails from parents of children who could not be offered any of their preferred schools. If your child was not offered one of the schools you applied for, and you have been unable to contact us by phone, email primaryadmissions@lewisham.gov.uk and include ‘Reception 2020 allocated place’ in the subject line so we can prioritise your email.

If you have been offered a school place but want a place at a lower preference school

We do not allocate places at lower preference schools unless you completely withdraw your application. This means you would lose the place you were offered on 16 April 2020.
If you want to withdraw your application and reapply for school places, email primaryadmissions@lewisham.gov.uk and include ‘Reception 2020 – lower preference required’ in the subject line.

Get more advice

You can get advice and information from the Department for Education on a wide range of school-related issues, including:
• school admissions code
• school admissions appeals codes.

For independent advice, you can contact ACE Education Advice.