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Applying for a primary school place after the closing date

What to do if you miss the closing date, move into the borough after the closing date or change address.

Missed the closing date

You should call us if you miss the closing date for applying (15 January 2023). You can tell us your reasons and we will discuss how we might be able to help with your application.

If you move into the borough, or miss the closing date for good reason

You can make a 'late for good reason' application until if you move into the borough after the closing date or if there is another good reason why you missed the closing date.

The closing date for ‘late for good reason’ applications is 1 February 2023. You must include evidence of why your application is late, such us evidence of a house move or a medical reason that stopped you from applying on time

All other applications made after 15 January 2023 will not be processed until May/June 2023.

Contact us on the details below for more advice.

If you move before 1 February 2023

If you submitted your application on time and you move home before 1 February 2023, you should contact us. We will withdraw your original application and you can make a new application from your new home address. If you move outside the borough, you need to contact your new local council.

If you move between 1 February and 17 April 2023

If you move home after 1 February 2023, your application will still be based on your original home address. We will honour any school places we have offered you. If you accept the place you need to make sure your child attends school regularly and on time.

If you move between 17 April 2023 and the start of term in September 2023

If you move home after you have accepted on offer, we will honour the place. You must make sure the journey is reasonable and that your child always arrives at school and is picked up on time.

If you no longer need a school place

If you no longer need a school place in the borough, you should let us know in writing. You need to explain why you no longer need the place so we can close the application and offer the place to another child.


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