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Open data and transparency

The money we spend is raised through local and national taxes and we spend it to benefit you and your community. In order to be open and transparent we publish information here so that you can see how that money is spent. ​

Council spending

Spending over £250

Each month we publish a list of all payments we make to suppliers that total over £250.

What we pay our senior managers

You can see the annual salaries of all our senior managers.

Pay multiple

Our pay policy statement outlines our policies about staff pay, particularly our senior staff or chief officers and our lowest paid employees.

Audit of accounts

Each year our accounts are audited and anyone interested can inspect and make copies of the accounts.

Fraud data

We publish fraud data in the audit panel minutes.

Social housing assets

Information about the value of our social housing assets.



How council members are elected, how local decisions must be made, the ethics and codes of conduct that govern us and how the public can influence key decisions.

Council meetings calendar

Dates of all upcoming council meetings.

Search council decisions

A record of decisions by committee dating back to 1 January 2011.

View committee structure and minutes of meetings

See a full list of committees and links to meeting papers.

Councillor allowances

Information on what our councillors have been paid in basic and special responsibility allowances.

Notices of private business

See which upcoming items for discussion are likely to be considered in private at committee meetings.

Notices of forthcoming executive decisions

List of the Council's key decisions that will be made over the next one to four months.

Overview and scrutiny

Find out how your councillors can hold the mayor and cabinet (also known as the executive), officers and external organisations to account for the decisions that they make. ​

Further information

Land and buildings

Information about council land and premises, including how to find out if land is owned by us and which council land is for lease or sale.

Trade union facility time

Find out about trade union activity at the Council, including the number of employees who get time off to do union work and how much they are paid.

Freedom of information

The right of access to information held by local authorities.


See our consultations and find out how to keep informed.

Organisation charts

How the Council is structured, including information about our directorates and chief executive.

Strategies and plans

We have a number of key strategies and plans

Tenders and contracts

Procurement opportunities and training.


We measure performance against our aims and objectives.


Our guide to getting funding and information about sources of funding.

Election results

Results from general, local, young mayor and mayoral elections.