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Audit of our accounts

See our annual audit of accounts.

Audit of accounts for year ended 31 March 2019

Publishing the 2018/19 audited statement of accounts

We have been unable to publish our audited Statement of Accounts by 31 July 2019.  This is due to a delay in the conclusion of the external audit.

The following documents were presented to Audit Panel on 11 July 2019:

  1. the draft Statement of Accounts together with a draft opinion, entered by the auditor in accordance with Section 20(2) of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014;
  2. the Narrative Statement prepared in accordance with regulation 8 of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015.

We intend to publish the 2018/19 audited Statement of Accounts as soon as reasonably practicable after the receipt of the report from the auditor which contains the auditor’s final findings from the audit.

The audited Statement of Accounts and auditor’s final findings will be presented to full Council on 2 October 2019. It is expected that the auditor will give their signed opinion on 3 October 2019.

The audited Statement of Accounts will then be published our website.

Selwyn Thompson
Director of Financial Services
31 July 2019

Draft statement of accounts 2018–19

Read the draft statement of accounts

Please note that these accounts are unaudited and may be subject to change.