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Our constitution

Read our constitution.

Our constitution:

  • sets out how council members are elected

  • shows how local decisions must be made

  • lays down the ethics and codes of conduct that govern us

  • says how the public can influence key decisions.

We adopted a new constitution in 2002 because we wanted to make decision-making more efficient, transparent and accountable to you. We wanted to make it clear who is making decisions on your behalf and give you more opportunities to engage with us directly.

The constitution is divided into 19 articles, which set out the basic rules governing our business.

This document and its appendices make up our constitution under Section 37 of the Local Government Act 2000. It may be amended from time to time in accordance with the law and within its own provisions for so doing.

 In a few places our Constitution refers to matters which have been affected by Brexit (the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union). Please note that our Constitution should be read on the basis that the currently applicable legal provisions apply.